Drywall Estimate 2000

Is The 
Metal Stud Framing & Drywall Estimating Software
For Fast Accurate  Drywall Biding


  DRYWALL ESTIMATE 2000 biding software is designed for Drywall Estimators that use Metal Stud Framing, Drywall, Drywall Finishing, and Acoustical Ceilings in their Commercial Construction business. 
  20 different wall types, 3 column types, 5 soffit types and 3 shaft wall types, Z-furring, hat channel furring, and suspended drywall ceilings, make DRYWALL ESTIMATE 2000 very powerful.

 For applications that are already framed, such as wood framing or glue-on applications, there is drywall and finish only. Sound batts, rigid insulation, patch and repair and any specialty items, are also included.

The 3 suspended acoustical ceiling types will calculate mains, T’s, tiles, and all fasteners needed.

An order sheet is generated for easy ordering.
When you are awarded the job you don't have to do another material take off .

There is a proposal sheet which can be printed to fax proposals.

The spreadsheet also has category breakdowns for cost coding.

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 After testing other estimating software, which I found to be cumbersome and difficult to use, I designed something easier.  I believe you will find DRYWALL ESTIMATE 2000 most user friendly drywall estimating software available.

 I have used the software, Drywall Estimate 2000, for 14 years on all jobs I have bid. I have been awarded and completed over 8000 jobs. Which hit on or under my estimate.

An estimator that works with me used the software for about a 3 months. He said he would never go back to estimating by hand. "I can do more estimates, faster and more accurately, which gives me time to run my jobs."

 Other estimating software can cost as much as $1500.00 a year for support. Support for Drywall Estimate 2000 is Free. Call or e-mail me  anytime. And I will help you out. 
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